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Shop vac, dirty vac, wet dry vac – no matter what you call it it’s the same device and stems from the same exact roots – a vacuum designed for heavy, rough industrial use on construction, demolition grounds to make the process of cleaning easier than it’s ever been before. Nowadays these amazing devices are available worldwide in stores for each and every consumer, and along with the statement of this fact we’d like to introduce our list for the best commercial wet dry vac.

The reason wet dry vacs are so amazing is the fact that not only are they capable of suctioning water, mud and pretty much any liquid,
but also the impressive simple yet effective durability and power of it.

You can do so much more with this versatile creation than first imaginable and the fact that they’ve gone commercial is very great news indeed for all cleanliness loving homeowners, workshop owners and D.I.Y enthused people

Commercial wet dry vacs are pretty much everywhere these days, and you probably haven’t even noticed. Every man-operated carwash has at least a few, they’re in the janitorial closets of every store and supermarket that take themselves seriously and in every big building you pass by it’s very likely that there’s a wet dry vac stored in it. So, to end off our introduction we proudly present:

Best Commercial Wet Dry Vac – The Top 9 Commercial Vacuums

9. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A

This commercial grade vac is for all of our apartment dwelling readers looking for a vacuum that won’t take up all their living space. Obviously, this isn’t the optimal choice for a workshop-type environment, but if that’s what you’re looking for you wouldn’t be checking out this device. Though it might be at the bottom of the list, keep in mind it’s still ON the list for the best commercial wet dry vac.

A strong point of this unit is it’s safe to use a on different types of floors, since users have expressed its effectiveness on hardwood and tile flooring as well as rugs and carpets in reviews. Very useful feature when looking for the best commercial wet dry vac.

As the name indicates, this vac will be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something to make cleaning after your pets in an apartment easier, but won’t be too effective at taking on heavy duty jobs you might find in a workshop or construction grounds. That type of activity could likely even damage the internal electronics of this bissell vacuum.

8. Ridgid Portable 50313 4000RV

This Vacuum made by Ridgid comes with a 5 h.p motor which is ready for action. This power should be enough for most users and shouldn’t provide any problems when taking on larger pieces of debris.

The relatively tiny size of the vacuum (likely the reason for Ridgid putting the word ‘portable’ in the name) Will allow you move it around with relative ease and place it down on counter or table-tops that you might not be able with larger models, making for an easier cleaning experience if your objective is thoroughly cleaning one location, like a car, for instance.

The 20 foot power cord will allow you to reach where you likely haven’t been able in the past and the amount of air this monstrous machine passes through itself is comparable with vacuums of much larger builds.

Though you could have more accessories, overall a solid model that wouldn’t leave well researched consumers disappointed.

7. Shop-Vac 5873410

This shop vac has a capacity of 10 gallons, which leads most people to believe that this unit is more designed for heavier, larger, harsher jobs, and those people would be right. If you’re looking for a vacuum which you can use both in your home/garage, plus take it on smaller sized industrial endeavours, then this might be the vacuum for you.

12 feet of hose length along with a 20 feet long power cord gives the user as much reach as one can ask for, especially if we’re talking about strictly home use and even though the unit is relatively large and the motor quite strong, the device remains silent enough to still be a viable choice for an apartment or house. Another solid contender for the position of best commercial wet dry vac.

6. Craftsman 12004 Six-Gallon

Since there’s absolutely no point in overspending on a device that’s over-tuned for whatever it is you’re looking to use it for we present the Craftsman 12004 commercial wet dry vac. It has a three h.p (horsepower) motor suited for smaller scale jobs and spaces, plus a 6 gallon tank which should be more than enough for any apartment.

With the combined reach of the hose and power cord adding up to 17 feet it should be enough for most people looking for a vacuum for a small space. This vacuum comes with a blower feature allowing you to use it as a leaf blower and the motor is strong enough for larger pieces of debris than dust particles.

5. Craftsman CMXEVBE17584

Craftsman is known for the simplistic durability of their devices and this one’s no different. Coming in at a reasonable price this is a decent overall choice for both out and indoor cleanups. Though it’s not as powerful as other, larger units, it’s not meant to be a monster designed for heavy duty work.

This is a solid wet dry vac designed for medium-duty commercial jobs. Smartly designed, with the power cord wrapping around the handle and accessories stored in the unit itself, plus the filters release with ease. Some reviewers have complained about the power of the motor though, so keep that in mind.

4. Ridgid 50348 1400RV Wet/Dry Vacuum with Cart, 14-Gallon

Now this model is for those of you looking for something BIG. This 14 gallon beast wielding a motor with a peak h.p of 6.0 is one of the largest. Because of the quality wheels the unit is more manouverable than you might expect. The body is made of extremely durable plastic so you can be sure this device can take a lot of knocks.

Coming with a three year warranty, very strong motor, lots of different accessories, like nozzles to reach all the tight spots you haven’t been able to previously, this is an overall tank of a vacuum and will be a solid companion to anyone looking to do a something more than just clean up their house. The reason this vacuum isn’t potentially closer to the title of best commercial wet dry vac is it’s relatively large size than many might consider industrial grade.

3. Stanley Pro Stainless Steel

Slightly smaller than the unit mentioned above, this vacuum by Stanley has a capacity of eight gallons. This sits somewhere on the border between small and large wet dry vacs. In our experience, 8 gallons in most cases is more than enough for home appliance.

The 6.5 h.p motor will be more than capable of taking on any larger, heavier pieces of trash you or your family members might have dropped around the house. Completely capable of taking on both dry and wet messes without a hiccup you can reach for this device with confidence next time you’ve got a brand new mess on your hands. Truly one of the best wet dry vac on the market.

2. The runner up – Vacmaster VQ607SFD

Vacmaster VQ607SFD 6 Gallon Wet Dry VacAlmost tiny enough to be put in the portable category this 6 gallon Vacmaster Vacuum has enough capacity for most medium sized homes without having to empty it too often. The smaller build of this unit makes the burden of storing it much less heavy and so, makes it a more viable choice for those with not as much available space in their place of residence.

It has a stainless steel body just like our number one pick to prevent bad smell build up and rust, corrosion. More durable than comparable options for the price tag attached and holding an overall reputation of being a solid choice for most consumers, it stands proudly as our runner-up for the title for best commercial wet dry vac.

1. Best commercial wet dry vac – Shop-Vac 5979403

Shop-Vac Commercial Wet Dry VacuumThe name shop vac is so well established in the wet dry vacuum industry that many people just use it as the standard word to refer to a wet dry vac, even though it is simply a brand name. They’ve been around for nearly 7 decades and offer the client a huge array of models with many different features sizes and builds.

This 8 gallon model comes with extensive accessories, a drain for wet messes, a blower feature allowing you to use it as any standard blower, Stainless steel build for preventing rust, corrosion and smell build up. The hose length might not be enough for all, but lengthier ones are available for purchase as an add on, solving that problem quickly. This is a truly VERY solid overall choice if you’re looking for something well designed and reliable. This vacuum proudly holds the title of the best commercial wet dry vac.

Best Commercial Wet Dry Vac Buying guide

A buying guide is useful for everyone – for first timer’s they’ll most likely read huge amounts of useful information about what
they’re looking to purchase that will guide them to the product most accurately representing their needs and for people already somewhat
oriented in the subject there’s always at least one bit of information that they can use along with refreshing their memory.

Commercial wet dry vacs, as seen above, come in all shapes and sizes and with all types of different features, accessories, builds, looks and
so on. in the upcoming paragraphs we’ll cover the most important features of a wet dry vacuum to keep in mind when looking to buy along with information
on what exactly you should be paying mind to and why.


16 Gallon Poly Wet Dry vacThough for most this is quite obvious you won’t believe the amount of times people actually completely disregard the size of the product they’re
purchasing, it doesn’t even necessarily have to be a shop vac. Imagine ordering your brand new vacuum, excited to put it in use around your
home or apartment, and when it comes you realise you’ve ordered a absolutely humunguous industrial sized vac. The vacuums present on this list are
commercial vacs, but still, there are some units on here that are quite large and will be too large for you if you live in a small, cramped apartment
for example.

So people, please do yourself the favour of caring about where you put your money and look over the specifications of whatever it is you’re getting,
even if it’s not a dirty vac.


The Reason size and weight are in different categories is because, though often they do come hand in hand and are strongly related to each other, this
is not always the case and there are cases where the larger vacuum is lighter in weight because of the materials in use and the build of the unit. The
reason weight matters, once again quite obviously, is that nobody wants to be sweating or have their back hurt by the end of their cleaning session
because they’ve been dragging around a boulder of a vacuum.

Under the category of weight we can also mention the importance of the quality of the rollers, because even if the vac is relatively heavy, if you live
in a one story residence then quality rollers can make a massive difference, easing the transportation of the vacuum hugely. Oh, and speaking
of transportation, let’s get into our next point.


Vacmaster VQ607SFD 6 Gallon Wet Dry VacPortability is the combination of the weight, size, and build of the unit which all together form the feature of portability – How tight is your tightest corridor, what are your floors made of, do you live in a multiple or single story residence. All of these are factors you should keep in the back of your head while overlooking and evaluating the portability of the wet dry vac you’re planning to purchase.

Take a look at the height and width, weight and
other features carefully and think about how that would fit within your home, it takes a little bit of thought and makes for a big difference.

Motor Power

Every single wet dry vac on the market should have their motor strength/suction power listed under the specification of the unit in h.p (horsepower). I’m sure i don’t have to go too deep into details about why the suction strength of the vacuum you buy is important.

If you’ve dealt with a vacuum that’s just a little bit too weak before then you know exactly how annoying this is to deal with, especially if you’re cleaning the interior of a car for example, or you garage or workshop perhaps, where larger pieces of debris, for example gravel, other than dust are not a rarity this is a huge pain and leaves you with little options of actually getting rid of the mess without putting in ridiculous amounts of effort.

Commercial wet dry vacs on the weaker side of the spectrum can also have problems suctioning liquids consistently. One of the best parts of using a vacuum is having the satisfying experience of seeing the mess disappear right in front of your eyes, and a device with too weak of a motor can easily make your life not easier, but perhaps even a bit harder.


Vac Accessories

This is another big one. Depending on what your needs are this can make or break the purchase. It’s surprising how huge of a difference a simple piece of plastic can make. It’s not the rarest occurrence on the planet to just let a tight spot or corner stay dirty, because you’re just too lazy to go through the hassle of getting it clean.

With the right accessory you can make those tight spots clean again Shop-Vac 5989300 Wet Dry Vacwith ease like never before. If you’re looking to use it to, for instance, clean your car sometimes, then the right accessories are almost essential you want to keep your car as clean as it can be.

A simple crevice tool can make such a huge difference, as you instantly gain access to the ability to clean out so much more than you would have on your own, not only in your car, but in every place you might want to possibly clean.

Overall Quality Of The Vacuum

If you’re a person with life experience then you’re sure to know the value of quality over quantity. It’s only logic that it’s better to have a single reliable unit for years to come, than spending possibly even more than you would have by just buying smart on cheap, poor quality pieces of plastic.

Quality doesn’t necessarily have to break your bank, but the less you’re willing to spend, the more research you should be doing because the lower the price, the higher of the chance of the product being of poor quality. This isn’t set in stone, as it’s also easy to purchase an expensive piece of junk, but overall it is true that the quality climbs along with the price tag.

It’s smarter to purchase from a known, established firm like Shop Vac, Vacmaster etc. than looking at odd knockoff vacuums as those are often cheap Chinese pieces of plastic.

Cord And Hose Length

This is another factor you should have in mind while considering the portability and how it matches with your needs. A simple way to tell how much cord and hose length you need is by measuring the farthest point from an electrical outlet in your house or wherever you’re planning to use your wet dry vac and comparing it to the combined length of the hose and cord. We Recommend always having some extra length so there’s no unpleasant surprises.

This is, of course if you’re purchasing a model with a cord, as there are plenty of cordless commercial wet dry vacuums ready for purchase. This is an optimal choice for some people, especially those who think they won’t have any very lengthy vacuuming sessions and will provide lots of comfort. The main trade off when choosing between corded and cordless models is the fact that vacuums that run on battery have a limited time of use, but corded ones can run as long as you need them to.

This point isn’t of the most important ones since extensions cords are a thing that exist, but the hose length can still matter a lot since you might want to reach shelve or counter tops that a hose on the shorter side might not be able to get to.


It’s important that the vacuum you’re purchasing is easy to use and has smart, ergonomic design, this can especially differ whendiscussing portable, cordless vacuums as how the device handles can make or break the whole experience. A horribly designed vac will most likely leave you with a hurting back and wrists, especially if you’ll use it for lengthier cleaning jobs.

A good designed vac will be easy, simple and comfortable to use, making your clean up experience as pleasurable as it can be, at the same time keeping you more efficient, since the easier it is to use, the better and faster your cleaning will go.

Strong/Weak Points

Almost every wet dry vac out there has its strong and weak points naturally present due to their designed and where the main focus has been place. A vacuum from shop vac is likely to be more efficient and collecting debris you might find in workshops like sawdust, Use As A Blower: How Does A Wet Dry Vac Workmetal shavings or other material residue. Others might be better suited for suctioning water or even simply pumping water into one end and out the other, if that’s something you’re potentially looking for. This feature can come in very useful if you’ve got a pipe leak in your house, for example.

There’s vac models that can be used as blowers and some which have especially good filtration systems. Don’t be afraid to do a bit of reading to find out all the intricacies of the vac that might potentially serve you for many years to come. These things by design are durable and simple so it’s naturally quite hard to break one unless it’s either a piece of junk or the owner doesn’t put in even the slightest amount of work in taking care of it.


Capacity 99% of the time rises along with the size of the vacuum, so if the exact capacity isn’t listen on the product specifications the dimensions of it are usually a decent general indicator on as to how much capacity it has.

If you live in a small apartment then there’s absolutely no need for a vacuum that’s got 20 gallons of capacity, even one gallon is quite a large amount of space depending on where you live and the uses you have for the vac. A nice mini wet dry vac is likely, cordless if you like is a very solid, comfortable choice than can make cleaning a pleasure for tighter living spaces.

Loudness of the vac

Shop Vac Wet Dry VacuumThought not often listed on the specification section, a decent indicator of how loud a vacuum will be is the h.p of the motor. This point is most important if you’ve got either on of these in your life – neighbours or toddlers.

If you live in an apartment building and have neighbours, then you probably understand that they wouldn’t appreciate the sound of a miniature rocket taking off suddenly appearing, especially if they’re trying to relax or even worse, have a baby they’ve just put to sleep.

This is another great reason to not overspend on a device over-tuned for your needs, which can potentially cause more problems than it solves.


We’re here to give you the honest truth, even if it’s unpleasant so we’ll just say it. Yes, your vacuum will accumulate the smell of the debris you suction with it over time, but this can be prevented by cleaning out your vacuum after you’re done cleaning with it. Especially if you’ve suctioned something wet.

Even if you clean it, along the years it can still accumulate some sort of a smell, but this can also be prevented by purchasing a vacuum that prevents the accumulation of smell like one with a stainless steel body.

Both the number one and number two spot holders of this list have stainless steel bodies present so whatever you suction doesn’t hold nearly as big of an impact on the smell of the unit like if we were talking about a plastic tank one.



The Warranty of any product is almost a direct link to how much the manufacturers believe in their own product. If a product offers a lengthy warranty you can be quite assured of its quality – this is a fact also when its comes to wet dry vacuums.

Even though this shouldn’t be the main focal point when looking for the vacuum for you, it can help as a deciding factor if you’re unable to decide between two products that seem very similarly appealing.

Visual appeal

Lastly, for most efficiency oriented consumers this definitely lies at the bottom of their list of concerns, as it should be. If you base a purchase purely off of looks then there’s bound to be problems.

But, if you’ve done your research and have landed on a couple of vacuums that you can’t choose between then, if none of the specifications are enough to sway you in any direction, then choosing the one you find most aesthetically pleasing isn’t a bad move. I’m sure many of you aren’t strangers to the feeling you get when you know you’ve dressed nicely so you’ve got a groove to your step and you’re feeling good. Having visually pleasant tools can have the same effect.

Best Commercial Wet Dry Vac – F.A.Q

What’s the difference between a plastic and a stainless steel body vacuum?

The main reasons why a shop vac might have a more expensive stainless steel body than a regular hard plastic or regular steel one is to prevent rust, corrosion and smell build up
in the unit.

If you leave a mess dormant in a stainless steel body for a long period of time it’s still bad, but it’s nowhere near as bad as if you do it with a regular plastic build vacuum, as with time the smell will seep into the plastic and it will be pretty much impossible to remove it from the vacuum.

If you leave a wet mess inside a regular steel build vac then – you guessed it – rust and corrosion will start forming on the inside of your vacuum.

How much should i spend on a wet dry vac?

Since every single persons needs are so immensely different it’s difficult to give a clear and concise answer to this but we can sat this – the average price for a decent device if you’re searching for commercial wet dry vacuums would be around 150 dollars.

This doesn’t mean, however, that every vacuum that’s lower than this will be bad, and every one price higher will be good, this is barely more than a somewhat calculated guess, more for entertaining the readers curiosity than to be used as a serious factor when deciding their considering what to purchase.

Can i use these to vacuum water?

Yes, you can any of the models present on the list to vacuum water, because they’re all wet dry vacuums, so this is, in a way, on of their more important features, as it’s quite literally since ”wet” is the first word used in the main term used when describing this type of device.

Can i use these to clean my pool?

This question is where it get’s a bit more difficult to answer. Theoretically, yes, you’d be able to use any of these to suction out leaves out of your pool, for example. But in practice, you have to keep in mind every one of these vacuums has a capacity and water can fill them up a lot more quickly than you might expect.

An optimal choice for pool cleaning would be getting yourself a unit

Pool capable of simultaneous suction through one, and blowing through another port, pretty much turning your vacuum into a pump of sorts.

Then we’d recommend placing the blowing end in a spot you don’t mind the debris landing out in like a dirtier spot on your lawn, where you can pick up whatever you’ve suctioned out with ease.

Can i replace my regular vacuum with one of these?

Yes and no. Some of the models on the list are designed to be regular vacuums but better, but most manufacturers do not, at the end of the day, using these as a replacement for your regular vac, as they provide very much suction and aren’t designed to be adjusted for less.

So it’s possible to burn out the motor if you affix it to the carpet or floor for too long and make it incapable of suctioning the air that it needs for it to continue operating.

Check out this video on how to use a wet dry vacuum:



Commercial Wet Dry Vacs have been on the rise for a long time and peoples interest in them has been growing and growing for a long time, so we realised it’s necessary to find the best commercial wet dry vac. We hope this list of the top 9 best helps anyone struggling with finding the right device for them find what they’ve been looking for, which is also the reason we tried to diversify the list, adding in multiple types of wet dry vacs.

The top 3 best commercial wet dry vacs ended up being the Stanley Pro Stainless Steel, Vacmaster VQ607SFD and Shop-Vac 5979403. All three of these models have excellent builds, smart design and solid features. All three of them have stainless steel bodies present to prevent the build of of bad odour in the tanks of the devices, and rust and corrosion.

As always, thank you very much for reading and we hope you learned something useful.

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