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As almost every shop vac owner on the planet knows, wet dry vacs can get a bit on the louder side, but there’s something that can help – a shop vac silencer. With the help of these devices you’ll be able to greatly reduce the noise of your shop vac. Your family and neighbours are sure to appreciate, if your workshop or workstation is at home, that is!

Best Shop Vac Silencers

You install a silencer on the exhaust port of the vac. As the title indicates they reduce they noise it produces and depending on the model they can add a helping hand in stopping debris particles trying to escape! Remember that they, as your filters, will require to be cleaned!

Workshop Wet Dry Vacuum Muffler Diffuser WS25025A

Shop Vac Silencer Muffler DIffuserThis silencer by workshop is going to fit on most 2 and a half inch exhaust ports of any shop vac and has a special tab for locking it in place. As expected it does a solid job reducing the noise of the high speed travel of the air through the suction tube along with capturing extra bits of small debris and dust trying to escape.

This model is a bit longer than most so you should keep that in mind as you’re vacuuming around wherever it’s necessary, especially as you turn corners and go through doorways, as you wouldn’t want to accidentally knock it off and potentially damage it!

CRAFTSMAN 38660 2-1/2 inch Silencer Muffler

Easily attachable to any 2 and a half discharge port to instantly make your Shop Vac Silencer Muffler Diffusershop vac operate more quietly. Obviously it can be used on any model that it fits on, and the manufacturer claims that this will reduce the loudness of the noise around 10%, which is a very good amount and in the long term your ears are sure to be very grateful!

Though it’s a light weight model, weighing in at around 3.36 ounces it still delivers very good results! And keep in mind that 10% off 88Db can make a whole world of difference when it comes to keeping your ears safe and sound! No pun intended!

Ridgid VT2525 2.5 Inch Muffler

By now you’ve probably noticed the trend of all the silencers being Wet Dry Vac Silencer Mufflerdesigned for 2 and a half inch exhaust ports, this is because of the simple fact that most are just this size, so that’s convenient! If you’re not sure about the size of the one that you’ve got just go ahead and measure it! With that out of the way, this muffler as all the others, just as it’s name indicates comes with a 2 n’ a half inch exhaust port.

The silencer reduces discharge sound along with stopping small debris and fine particles from flying out. Another plus to this model is that it reduces the speed of the air that comes shooting out, so if you’ve potentially got a lot of small fragile things around the place of vacuuming you won’t have to worry as much as accidentally blowing something off the table or shelf with your shop vac!

Make Your Own Shop Vac Silencer

If you’re a handy man and feel like making your own silencer then feel free to check out some of these videos, to help you reduce the noise of your vac! They won’t be as compact or easy to use as the real deal but if you’re tight on cash maybe this is just what you’re looking for:

Benefits of a muffler/silencer

Though we already touched on this subject and the topics within it, we’ll go into greater detail about the benefits and why they’re more significant than you might think, depending on who you are.

Noise Reduction

Wet Dry Vac Silencer MufflerWe’ll start with the most obvious one. These devices will reduce the noise of your unit by a great deal. We’ll use 10% reduction as an example, since one of the manufacturers of one of the products we mentioned in this post (The CRAFTSMAN 38660 2-1/2 inch Silencer Muffler) claim that to be the percentage it reduces the sound by – give or take. If you’re not a wiz when it comes to physics 10% most likely seems quite a small amount to reduce noise by, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Since the scale of sound intensity is logarithmic removing 10% off the top adds up to actually removing around two thirds of the sound intensity If you use this calculator. That’s a serious reduction that will save your ears a lot of hardship!

Extra filtering

The second and last function of the shop vac silencer, muffler is that it ads an extra layer of filter and catches most of those fine particles that managed to find their way through your filter. Combine this with a solid HEPA filter and it’s hard to imagine anything else to make the air cleaner. Seriously, if you’ve got air related allergies this might be that little extra bit you’ve been looking for to keep your air as clean as it can be!

But it’s also worth considering if you’re not allergic to anything! If you think clean air is useful only for those who suffer from dirty air you’re gravely mistaken. Anyone and everyone will feel the difference of a house that’s got fresh, clean air running through it, quite frankly it makes you feel alive and in my humble opinion that’s worth it every time.


Shop vac silencers can be either bought or made, and come in many different shapes and sizes, just as regular wet dry vacs. They’ll not only provide you with a quieter, more pleasant work environment, but also keep your air cleaner, because they all help with capturing a decent chunk of the fine particles and dust that manage to make their way past the initial filter. A combination of a HEPA filter and one of these devices will provide you with the cleanest air on the market. The models we recommend are the CRAFTSMAN 38660 2-1/2 inch Silencer Muffler, Ridgid VT2525 2.5 Inch Muffler and Workshop Wet Dry Vacuum Muffler Silencer WS25025A. If we had to pick one we’d choose the Workshop WS25025A Wet Dry Vacuum Silencer.

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