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Pellet stoves are a great source of heat and comfort for your home or apartment and it’s no surprise why people are getting more and more interested them. The worst part about owning one is having to clean it out after using it too much but there’s one versatile device that can make this task a lot easier than it otherwise is – the shop vac. And this is exactly why we have assembled this list – to help those in the search for it find the best wet dry vac for pellet stove.

Best Wet Dry Vac For Pellet Stove – Top 5

5. Craftsman CMXEVBE17584

If there’s something that craftsman is known for it has to be the simplistic durability of their products – which to our more invested readers will instantly pop out as a direct correlation with the being of wet dry vacs as a whole. It’s priced reasonably and is a solid choice for much more than having your pellet stove cleaned out. Though it’s not as powerful as other, huger vacuums, it’s not designed to be a monster for heavy duty jobs, but it will do just fine in cleaning out the ash from your stove.

This is a quality wet dry vac and is designed for commercial use – just like cleaning out a pellet stove.It’s got a Smart design, there’s a special compartment for all the accessories and the cord wraps around the handle, plus the filters release easily and without problems. Some reviewers have complained about the power of the motor though, so keep that in mind.

4. Ridgid 50348 1400RV Wet/Dry Vacuum with Cart, 14-Gallon

If you feel like you want to get more out of a vac than just cleaning out your pellet stove, like you’ve got a workshop you’ve been looking to clean for a while or just have one in general and a shop vacuum would make that task easier, or you’ve got a new house in the works and a serious wet dry vac would really help in the cleanup then this might be the vacuum for you. It’s big, it’s serious and it’s for heavy duty work.

It’s got a powerful motor, accessories galore, like special nozzle attachments to help you clean out every tight spot that’s given you problems beforehand, three year warranty – this is just an absolute monster of a vacuum and for anyone who knows they’ll do more than just turn it on occasionally around the house it will be a trusty companion – never backing down from a challenge. The reason this high quality vacuum isn’t higher on the list is because we realize the huge size will turn off a lot of potential buyers because it’s just too much for their needs.

3. Stanley Pro Stainless Steel

Coming in at a slightly more reasonable size than the previous vacuum this wet dry vac made by Stanley has a tank capacity of 8 gallons. This sits somewhere on the sweet spot on the shop vac scale right between large and small. From our experience 8 gallon capacity will be more than enough for pretty much anyone who isn’t doing any types of heavier duty work and just looking for something to keep around the home or replace their regular vacuum with.

There’s a 6.5 h.p motor in place which to those of you who understand these statistics will speak volumes. For those of you who don’t – this vac will be more than capable of taking on the larger pieces of trash you family members might have left lying around. With this powerful ally at your side you’ll be strolling through your home taking on wet and dry messes with ease like never before. Easily one of the best wet dry vacs available for your pellet stove and in general.

2. The runner up – Vacmaster VQ607SFD

Vacmaster VQ607SFD Gallon Wet Dry VacAlmost small enough to be classified as a portable wet dry vac this Vacmaster vacuum has a tank capacity of 6 gallons and that’s more than enough for most medium sized homes without having the need to empty it too often, which can get tiring, as most of you know. Fining a place to store this vac isn’t anywhere near as hard as with the previously mentioned models as it does have a smaller build, which is ideal for those of you who haven’t got all the space in the world left for storing cleaning appliances, especially apartment owners.

Just like our number one pick which you’ll get to reading soon enough this wet dry vac also has a stainless steel body, designed prevent corrosion and rust along with build up of bad odors. For the price tag the value this vac offers insane and you won’t find a more durable for the same price. This vacuum’s got a long lasting reputation of being good quality and reliable, which is exactly why it holds the number to spot for best wet dry vac for your pellet stove.

1. Best wet dry vac for pellet stove – Shop-Vac 5979403

If your company name becomes a well known synonym for the product you’re producing and selling you’ve gotta be doing something right and that’s exactly the case with shop vac. Their name is so well established in the wet dry vacuum industry that it’s insane, the phrase shop vac has literally become more popular among Americans than the phrase wet dry vac. They’ve been around for about 7 decades and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, so fittingly the number one vacuum on our list comes from them.

Coming with loads of accessories, a ergonomically designed drain for when you get to cleaning those nasty wet messes, along with a blower feature along you to use this vac as any old standard blower + a stainless steel body so you don’t have to worry about smell build ups, corrosion or rust. What haven’t they thought of? You can purchase different lengths of hose to match your needs and, honestly it’s tough to find anything at all to complain about when it comes to this vacuum.

Ash from a stove will be one of the easiest things this vacuum has ever one and if you’re in the search for something reliable, well designed and that will stand the test of time not only cleaning your pellet stove but anything you can throw at it – then this definitely is the right wet dry vac for you.

Best Wet Dry Vac For Pellet Stove – F.A.Q

Is it safe to use a wet dry for to clean a pellet stove?

Yes, as long as it’s a wet dry vac and not a regular vacuum you should be more than fine with cleaning out your pellet stove. In fact this is probably one of the best ways out there to do it outside of having auto cleaning set up for it. Not only will this relieve you from potentially having to do something as tedious as carrying it outside and emptying it in the dumpster or perhaps having to use some sort of broom to try broom the debris out – it’s also very efficient and will certainly leave your stove cleaner than it’s ever been before.

Won’t my wet dry vac smell like ash after this?

This depends on what you do right after you’re done cleaning. The longer you wait to clean out your wet dry vac the higher the likelihood of there being a smell that’s difficult to get out. If you clean out the vacuum instantly after you’re done though, which is the most recommended course of action, then you shouldn’t have any smell related problems at all as any ash that does remain will be soaked in soap water and lost its unpleasant smell.


There’s plenty of options to choose from when searching for the best wet dry vac for a pellet stove – The simple and durable Craftsman CMXEVBE17584 coming in at number 5. At number 4 we have the Ridgid 50348 1400RV Wet Dry Vacuum for those of you looking for something more heavy-duty. Sitting comfortably at the number 3 spot is the Stanley Pro Stainless Steel not only being the middle road in terms of size and capacity but also this list. At number 2 is the well known and respected Vacmaster VQ607SFD and right after, the best wet dry vac for pellet stove – The Shop-Vac 5979403. We hope you enjoyed reading and found the wet dry vac your were looking for. Thanks for reading and happy cleaning!

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