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We all love our pets no matter what they do. They bring so much joy in our life and we treasure each and every moment that we spend together, but if there’s one con to the many pros of owning a pet it’s that most of them tend to create messes. That’s why we here at have sat down and assembled this definitive guide for the best wet dry vac for pets to make cleaning up after them easier than ever!

While trying to find the best wet dry vac for pets, reviewing vacuum after vacuum, these are the things we took into consideration: Pet hair cleaning efficiency, urine and fece cleaning capabilities along with the obvious power, noise, intelligence of design, build and lastly aesthetics. Only a wet dry vac could be capable of cleaning a workshop, car, garage, house and pet care center one after the other – and that’s exactly why we love them so!

Best Wet Dry Vac For Pets – Reviews

1. Bissell Big Green – Best Wet Dry Vac for Pets

This vac is so good at getting rid of stains – pet related or not that it’s considered to be one of the top wet dry vacuums intended for home use purposes on the market. Cleaning up after your pet with this vac by your side will be an absolute breeze.

Proficient at not only stain removal, of course, but in tradition of all quality wet dry vacuums this bad boy’s gonna take on any type of dry debris as well.

The brush is surprisingly large and highly efficient at scrubbing away any stain that dare stand in your way. This vacuum will not only completely evaporate any nasty surprises your pet might leave for you, it will get rid of the stains from pretty much anything you’ve got in your home.

The powerful suction of this unit will leave a surface as near to dry as it can be after being thoroughly cleaned. This vacuum holds the position of best wet dry vac for pets because it will make the owners life as easy as it can get not only when it comes to cleaning after their put, but cleaning after themselves as well.

The Pros
  • Five year long warranty provided
  • Will remove even the toughest of stains
  • Wide scrubbing action makes for faster cleaning
  • Large tank capacity
The Cons
  • Slightly on the heavier side

2. Bissell CrossWave – The Runner up

This Wet Vac model made by bissell makes cleaning up any fur and/or urine your pet might have left for you as a gift for when you wake up or return home after work quite the easy task compared to having to spray anti-urine spray and wiping with paper towels like there’s no tomorrow.

Other, lower quality shop vacuums might cause you worry about your floor as you might see wet streaks being left behind but that’s not gonna happen with this one.

Since you can tell by the dirty water container what’s going on you’ll be capable of stopping before any streaks even have the chance to start appearing.

This high quality wet dry vac is built in a way that it both washes and vacuums your floor both at the same time which, in the long run, should be a massive timesaver along with a big improvement to your homes hygene as you would be capable of washing the house every time you vacuuming, resulting in you washing your floors a lot more than you would have beforehand. It would be a whole new level of clean, plus there’s a button in place specifically made for switching between hard and soft surfaces. Cleaning’s never been easier!

The Pros
  • Very easily transportable
  • Ergonomically designed comfy handle
  • Will work wonders on any surface
  • Will remove urine stains from anything
The Cons
  • Not the absolute best when it comes to cleaning corners

3. Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA

This Vacmaster vacuum is an astounding piece of machinery that will do absolute wonders for your home. As the name states this vac has 8 gallons of tank capacity, a hepa filter in place for all you allergy prone people and clean freaks out there. The addition of this filter will make the air in your home cleaner than it’s ever been.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your friend could use some help around his newly renovated home or apartment, or perhaps your own recently built home you’ll be extremely glad you’ve got this unit by your side. Place something in front of it and it will make it disappear. it’s pretty much that easy – tiles or hardwood floors, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s got a solid build, and floats around smoothly on its coasters so you don’t have to worry about damaging your vac by bumping it anywhere or about leaving scratches on your floor from dragging it around wherever you may be. Along with all of this the wet dry vac is surprisingly quiet which means it won’t disturb your beloved animals as much, so it’s easy to see why this vac is one of the top candidates for being the best wet dry vac for pets.

The Pros
  • Very durable
  • Very strong motor capable of powerful suction
  • Surprisingly portable
The Cons
  • Can be a bit too loud for some

4. Hoover Smartwash Carpet Cleaner

All you’ll need to do if you end up purchasing this Hoover smartwash auto wet dry vac is turn it on, push it forward and then pull it back . Three easy steps to eliminate pretty much any stain present in your house – wether it’s caused by a pet or not. A simple mechanism in place for people who don’t like to make things too complicated. If the vacuum detects the floor to be dirtier it will automatically let out more cleaning agent – all the best to provide you with the cleanest home you could want.

The technology in this unit, similarly to most units in this list is just absolutely mind boggling. If you need to to auto dry then it auto dries and it’ll mix your cleaning solution for you. The automatically operating brush will gently de-attach all pet hairs and scrub off all stains. An when we say gently we mean gently, because this vacuum’s great at treating your floor right and if you’ve got a particularly scratch-prone material making up your floor then this might just be the vacuum you and your pets have been looking for.

The Pros
  • Has a long cord
  • surprisingly lightweight and portable
  • Large tank capacity
  • Very good at scrubbing off tougher stains
The Cons
  • Can be too pricy for some

5. Vacmaster 5 Gallon

If you’ve got a feeling that you and your pets will be putting whatever vac you choose through a lot of abuse then we advise you now to pay extra attention. What makes this vacuum one of the best wet dry vac for pets is the fact that the price is reasonable and the quality isn’t disappointing. Also breaking this unit is quite unlikely seeing as it’s made of highly durable plastic.

If you’ve not got a lot of space in the place you reside it’s gonna be nice for you to hear that you can attack this vac to the wall if you so desire, since it does come with a wall mount. the 21 foot hose in combination with the 20 foot cord make it sure to say that you should be able to get to every nook and cranny of your beloved home using this unit.

Something your pet and neighbours will mutually love is the fact that the vacuum’s surprisingly quiet. Wether it be a dog, cat, possum or rat that you’ve got staying with you they won’t scream in terror whenever you turn this vacuum on and it should be strong enough to deal with anything a regular homeowner or pet might have in store for it.

The Pros
  • Very cheap for what it is
  • Decently portable
  • Long Hose and Cord
The Cons
  • Can be a bit too bulky appearance wise for some

6. WORKSHOP WS1600SS Stainless Steel

Since all we’ve assembled on this list is top tier vacuums all we can really do when informing you about this one is that, just like the rest it’ll do a very solid job of taking care of whatever it be that needs taking care of. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, though that also depends on taste and you can get it with a decent amount of accessories that’ll assist you in tackling all the messes your beloved pet might produce after throwing a hissy fit or just being undisciplined.

The cart design is nice a comfortable, letting you store all the accessories inside plus the hose and power cord of it’s long enough for what you’d most likely ever need as well. If you’re needing more cord length you can always use an extension cord. Yes, taking all the features account along with having optimal suction strength it’s safe to say this is another solid contender for being the best wet dry vac for pets.

The Pros
  • Comfortable to use and does a good job of cleaning urine
  • Ergonomic, portable design
  • Does a decent job on all surfaces
The Cons
  • It’s a bit on the pricier side

7. DEWALT 18/20V MAX Vacuum

This DEWALT wt dry vacuum can be used without a cord and with one, which makes it a very convenient choice for any homeowner or apartment owner who doesn’t want a bulky machine sitting in their garage or broom closet and simply desires something they can turn on with ease when the situation calls for it.

It works how you’d expect it to if you’re planning on using it with the cord attached, but if you prefer the freedom of not having to think about the cord then a 20v or 18v max battery will do the trick.

The vac has a tank capable of holding 2 gallons and the filter is washable, which is, as always, nice to see. It’s got onboard storage in place for safe and easy keeping of all necessary accessories and while the it might not look like much compared to the others it can do a lot more than it might seem. If your pet pees on your floor, for example, then you can instantly grab this vac and solve the problem in an instant!

The Pros
  • You can use it without and with a cord
  • decent amount of accessories
The Cons
  • Not the largest tank capacity

Best Wet Dry Vac For Pets – Buying Guide

When it comes to making a purchase like a wet dry vac you’ve got to be careful not to get something that doesn’t meet your needs as that can result in being a waste of your money. We’ve assembled this quick buying guide in efforts to guide our reader to getting truly the best wet dry vac for their pet that they can.

How are you going to use it?

Are you looking for something to quickly clean after your pet and that’s it or are you interested in something that can potentially do EVERYTHING you need done around the house and more? How many pets do you have? Is urinating and defecating in the house a regular problem? These are just some of the things you should consider before you make your purchase to make sure you’re not impulse buying. As you will begin to ask yourself these questions the right ones will start to come up in your head by themselves.

If your pets often pee in the house and on the furniture you’d definitely want to consider something like both of the bissell vacs in the first and second position of this list as they are exceptionally good at getting rid of many different types of stains no matter how strong from whatever surface you need, but if it’s hair shedding that’s causing you most of your headache you’ll probably want to consider something strong and that comes with a brush accessory to rub the fur off of wherever your vacuuming.

If that’s the case then you might wanna look at the Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA. Getting this model will also ensure you with a solid vacuum for wherever you need one no matter how rough the circumstances. Think of your needs as a human and if you have them – neighbours. If you’re a allergy prone person you’ll definitely need a vacuum with a HEPA filter and even if you have an animal that doesn’t particularly mind noise you might have a neighbour who does!


How often and how much do you think your wet vac’s going to be collecting debris and liquids? If it’s a lot you probably want to stay away from the lower tank capacity models like the DEWALT 18/20V MAX and take something bigger like the Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA.


Shop-Vac 5989300 Wet Dry VacMany people often forget about the accessories that come with their wet dry vac but take it from us – the number one wet dry vac authority site on the web – that’s a mistake. Accessories have the potential to save you hours on hours of time in the long term as they can make a task that might take 10 minutes with the regular nozzle take 30 seconds with a quick 10 second swap of an attachment.

Same goes for not being able to access a tight corner or odd spot with a nozzle that’s too long or wide. It’s definitely worth considering this, since we only have one life and time is the most precious resource we have. So let’s do our best to use it wisely!


There’s not much to be said about this other than the blatantly obvious. Pay attention to how big the device is before you order it or it just might be so big it doesn’t even fit through your front door or so small that it can’t even collect your dogs poop! Just take a little bit of time to inspect the dimensions, see if they’re acceptable and move on to the next step!


Last but not least we’ve got the reviews! Oh, the reviews! People, please listen to us when we say look at the reviews and look at them good because ifVacmaster VQ607SFD 6 Gallon Wet Dry Vac you’ve got a working head on your shoulders then just by spending a couple of minutes browsing the reviews you could avoid purchasing something that could’ve eded up causing you hours and hours of headache due a a minute detail that’s just a dealbreaker for you that’s not mentioned on the product page but is repeated numerous times in the reviews. They’re their for a reason and a smart consumer should always take advantage!

Best Wet Dry Vac For Pets – Conclusion

After hours on top of hours of product testing and review browsing we can safely come to the conclusion that the best wet dry vac for pets (for most people) Is going to be either the Bissell CrossWave or the Bissell Big Green as they’re both extremely proficient at taking care of pet related messes, not to mention regular messes (the pet related ones are usually the worst). Following them we’ve got the Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA, the Hoover Smartwash Carpet Cleaner, the Vacmaster 5 Gallon, the WORKSHOP WS1600SS Stainless Steel, and finally DEWALT 18/20V MAX Vacuum all in the exact order listed, though, admittedly, it was extremely hard to make these placements without having second thoughts.

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