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If you’re asking yourself the question: can i use a shop vac to clean my fireplace? then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a simple yes/no answer then the answer is Yes, you can use a shop vac or any other wet dry vac to clean your fireplace. What you should avoid doing is trying to clean it with your regular vacuum. If you’re a wet dry shop vac user already then you yourself quite likely already thought that, looking at it logically, you should be able to. And we’re happy to inform you that your hunch was correct.

How To Clean A Fireplace With Your Shop Vac

You’re going to want to start by placing your shop vac at a comfortable position near your fireplace and get into a position where you can work comfortably. Secondly, if your wet dry vac comes with power regulating options then go ahead and switch to the lowest power. The reason we recommend doing this is when you first turn on a wet dry vac it generates a lot of sudden airflow and this can cause ashes to go flying out of your fireplace and into your home. If you have not got the option to regulate your shop vacs power then simply keep the hose out of the Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vacuumfireplace before you turn it on and grip it tight.

After you’re in a comfortable position and ready to work go ahead and turn on the machine, slowly entering the fireplace with the end of the hose and suctioning all the ash and wood debris. If for whatever reason you’re in a situation where you need to do this right after a fire’s done burning then we recommend suctioning some water first with the shop vac, this will decrease the likelihood of damaging or melting any of the internal plastics of the vacuum.

Also, before you get to work on the fireplace we recommend going through all your shop vac accessories and attachments and picking the widest one, which is most likely to give you the least trouble when you’re doing the cleaning. Because a shop vac is such a versatile, durable machine it should have no problem with cleaning out the fireplace and have it looking as good as new.

Cleaning your fireplace out with a shop vac is actually a very solid idea and you should pat yourself on the back for it since it’s a process that can be very, very tedious and messy but with the smart use of the options modern technology provides us we can turn it into something as simple as flipping a switch and carefully moving around a hose.

How To Clean Your Shop Vac After Cleaning Your Fireplace

Though this is quite simple and you should already be quite familiar with the process if you’re a wet dry vac owner we’ll still describe this for those of our readers who are of a more anxious nature and want to make sure everything goes perfect from the start to the end without having to worry about something potentially going wrong.

So after you’ve cleaned out the fireplace and feel good about the result you should take your vac to the nearest dumpster and empty out as much of the debris as you can so the shop vacuum is as empty as it possibly can be. After this take your vacuuming device to the bathroom and place it in the sink or the bathtub or shower depending on the size. After this take your strongest soap (likely to be what you use to wash your dishes with) and pour some in the tank along with water.

What you do from then on depends on how clean you want to get it. If you want to get your vacuum completely cleaned out then feel free to use a sponge or dish scrubber to clean your vacuums tank till it’s sparkly clean, but if you don’t feel the necessity since you know you’re going to get it dirty soon enough anyway then you can feel free to just give it a good shake, leave it there for the soap liquid to seep in a little and empty it after. There shouldn’t be enough ash for it to cause any type of unpleasant smell in your vac.


Can i use my regular vacuum to clean my fireplace if i can’t use a shop vac?

No, you should definitely stay away from doing this as it’s highly likely to cause some sort of damage to your vacuum. This article is titled Using a SHOP vac to clean your fireplace because that’s exactly how it should be done. If your vacuum isn’t a wet dry vac then it’s not suited for this heavier-duty type of work and you should stick to using it for your floors only.


Can i clean my floors with a shop vac?

Of course! There’s plenty of commercial shop vacs out there with attachments ideal for cleaning your floors yet for some reason a majority of people still haven’t gotten around to making the transition to shop vac owner. There’s so many benefits and uses a solid quality shop vac has and they’re the future of all cleaning – that’s for sure. If you get yourself a wet dry vac not only will you be able to clean your floors, but also your car, workshop, fireplace, your friends recently renovated apartment or your own renovated house, use it as a blower, clean your pool if the situation arises and so much more .

Will the ashes cause my shop vac to stink?

This mostly depends on you. if you leave the ashes in there and let them stay there for a while it’s quite obvious that the smell will most likely remain there for a long time, but if you do the responsible thing and clean it out right after there really shouldn’t be any smell related problems for your wet dry vac. Just as you should clean your vac out after dealing with any other mess you should clean it out after cleaning out your fireplace. If you generally leave debris to rot in your shop vac it’s highly likely that it stinks already and having it smell like ashes might actually be an improvement rather than something to worry about.


Yes, it’s possible to clean your fireplace with a wet dry shop vac but not only this – it’s likely the best possible option. It solves a lot of the problems people have with this like reaching all the corners and collecting all the debris without leaving wherever your fireplace is located at like it’s been burning for days itself. It’s a wise idea to use your shop vac to clean your fireplace and there’s plenty more similar ways you can use this wonderful ever-so under appreciated blessing of a machine.

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