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How To Clean Your Carpet With A Wet Dry Vac

A wet dry vac is, putting it simply, an upgraded, better version of a regular vacuum. It picks up dirt debris and liquids from many different types of of areas and surfaces, so it’s great at taking care of spills or messes on your carpet. Carpets are notorious for holding on to stains, soil, mildew and all types of bacteria that come along with it. Before you start up your unit with any type of liquid solution, you should also be ready to spend a lengthy amount of time waiting for it to dry.How to clean your carpet with a wet dry vac is a good question, because like a lot of things in life, it’s not as simple as it first seems. Good work on using the tools so many ignore and searching it up! Wet dry vacs can help you in this step of cleaning up your carpet, but it’s not going to be easy.

How to Prepare Your Carpet

Start off by removing furniture from the room you’ll be working in so it doesn’t get wet. Wet, damp furniture leads to mold, and nobody wants that. Vacuum the carpet while it’s dry before starting with anything else. For this you can use your Wet dry vac, but a regular household vacuum should do the trick as well. Make sure you vacuum your carpet thoroughly.

If there’s any stains in your carpet, just apply your favourite stain remover and wait as long as it says on the products packaging. Always remember, there’s no shame in reading instructions.

Mix up a solution of carpet cleaner + water. The instructions for mixing them together should be listed on the cleaners bottle. Wet/dry vacs will only gather wet solutions, they will not do a good job of dispersing it evenly all over your carpet, which is why you should do this by hand. We recommend using any old watering can. When you’re done dispersing the solution, make sure you’ve spread it evenly. To make this easier, you can use a deck brush or perhaps a stiff bristles push broom. Do this to the entire carpet. Better to do your work right the first time than to have to redo it multiple times.

Using The Wet Dry Vac

The filter you’re gonna be using for wet surface cleaning is gonna depend on the model and brand of your unit, so make sure to read the owner’s manual so you know you’re working with the right tools. This can save you a lot of time in the future.

When vacuuming the cleaning solution you’ve spread across your carpet, we recommend you do this one section at a time. You can use any heavy object laying around to secure your carpet to the ground, and then start pressing down firmly on the carpet to make sure you’re getting the moisture out from every crevice as deep as you can. Drag backwards slowly and keeping overlapping every next pass with the one before.

Make sure you’ve dried each section appropriately before moving on to the next one before you move on, this will make sure you do everything properly. Other areas might take more time than some.


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