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How to Clean Wet Dry Vac Filters

Making use of a vacuum cleaner can be exhilarating and exciting because of the conveniences it provides users. You can find it in different types. But whichever one you use, a vacuum cleaner would always enhance your productivity and efficiency.

However, what makes the functionalities of vacuum cleaners eccentric is the availability of the filters. At times, you can find them (the filters’ layout) in series, and each of their grids would be discrepant in sizes.

Of course, the effect is to breakdown the permeability of the dust and debris into sizes for optimum storage.

And, if you’re gunning for some products that feature HEPA filters, then you can be pretty sure that there would be a seal that would prevent the leakages of the sieved particle.

Furthermore, the very ones that we’ll be enumerating here are the reusable dry filters, foam sleeve, and a cartridge filter. Their inclusion in a product means you can use the vacuum cleaner for removing either dry or wet dirt.

Therefore, it’s expedient that you check the specification of your newly purchased product before you begin to clean your filter.

This article, however, would provide you with the full nugget that you need to get your vacuum cleaned regardless of the very type you’re using. Check for the exclusive detail below:

8 Things to Consider about How to Clean Wet Dry Vac Filters:

1. Indications that Shows Your Vac Filter Needs Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners have filters either on the inside or on the outer part of the machine. Wherever it’s sited, the dysfunction of the filtering screen causes the dust to discharge after suctioning them. And, that’s because dirt has clogged on the spaces on the grids.

At times, the dirt might have caused tears on the filter. Whatever the case may be, what you’d notice is the leakages of the dust or debris. Also, you’d hear some irritating sound, especially when you’re suctioning.

There would also be inconsistency in its performances when using it. So, when any of these omens are showing, it’s expedient that you check the vac filter.

2. Read the Manual

If you haven’t removed the vac filter before now, it’s paramount that you check the manual. Manuals are often known to consist of the valuable information about the filtering screen.

Manuals would provide guidance for the use of the product. You would know whether you’re to scrub the filter or not because you’d be able to identify the type of vac filter that your machine is using.

In a nutshell, one must check the manual booklet to learn the information stated. Once you’ve done that, you can check on this piece further for optimum information.

3. How to Clean a Reusable Dry Filter

  • There must be an indication that the filter that your vacuum cleaner is using is reusable.
  • Remove the filter and pat it with your hands from the sides to remove the dust. Of course, you should do this at the outside of your house.
  • If that doesn’t work, get a brush. I mean, the very one that can reach the clogs in the grooves and remove the dirt.
  • After that, pat it once again while you turn it upside down to the dustbin so that you can release the dirt quickly.
  • It might interest you to insert a slim object into the grids that are conspicuously blocked by the clouds of dust. And, ensure that you shake the vac filter as you perpetually do this.
  • Washing this is optional if you can use a clean damper to wipe off the dirt distinctively, and the result comes out distinct.

4. How to Clean a Foam Sleeve

The inclusion of this alone in the feature of your product shows that you can use your vac filter, and there won’t be issues. In other words, you wouldn’t get your vac filter dirty pretty soon.

So, when you notice a need to wash your filter, then you would need to disassemble them into pieces before continuing.

You would need to wash the foam sleeve before you consider cleaning any other thing. Therefore, get water ready inside a container and mix it up with detergent.

It’s expedient that you scrub the dirt off and rinse it when you’re done. Once you’re done, sundry it for more than 24hrs before you reinstall it on the vacuum cleaner itself.

5. How to Clean a Cartridge Filter

One of the most functional type of filters is this. It works for wet dry vac flawlessly. Please note that using a wet-dry vac provides you with the privilege to save both dry and wet dirt.

However, ensure that the cleaning approaches should align with the dirt that you use your vacuum for mostly. If it’s dry dirt that you use your vac for often, then consider using the steps for cleaning dry filters and vice versa.

Cartridge filters are of different materials. You can find them in plastic, stainless steel, and so on. Whichever one you prefer, we advise you to adhere to the manufacturer’s advice on the manual.

Or more also, we advise you to use the information here to do the cleaning. But provided that you find rust on your cartridge filter, get water mixed with lime water of equal quantity. Afterward, soak the filter inside the mixed water for few hours before you do the proper cleaning.

6. How to Maintain a HEPA Vac Filter

For HEPA filters, we advise you to clean it often. The time expected of you clean depends on the time frame that you use the machine. And, whenever you notice tears, it’s expedient that you get a replacement as soon as possible.

The conventional method of washing a HEPA filter is by scrubbing the dirt off with a fragile object and rinsing it properly.

The last thing about this is to save and dry it properly so that there won’t be mildew and mold buildup in the filter, which could cause permanent damage.

7. Safety Precautions

  • Make sure that you put on the safety wears before you begin to clean your vac filters.
  • Gently handle the filter when you’re washing it so that you won’t get it spoilt.
  • Ensure that you save it in a crisp and clean place while drying it.
  • Reinstall the vac filter distinctively as it should. You can confide in the information on the manual for guidance.
  • Try it to ensure that you coupled it properly.

8. Repetition

Repeat the procedures as you continually clean your wet dry vac filter. This would aid you in gaining mastery of the processes.

Final Verdict

Clean the filter as you should so that you get the best use of the product. The article has explained the systematic approaches to doing that. Therefore, we advise you to adhere to them so that you can use the product for a long time.