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A shop vac, a known brand of the wet/dry vac, is a truly invaluable tool to have, no matter if you are a mechanic, workshop owner, gardener or just a plain old homeowner. Huge and more powerful than any run of the mill home vacuum a shop-vac will take care of much dirtier, larger messes – wet ones included.
Because everything vacuumed goes into the watertight, washable body, this is a lot less troublesome than you might initially think. We’ve prepared this shop vac buying guide for you to get a better grip on what exactly to look for to satisfy your needs. A basic intro on the shapes and sizes if you will.

Consider this

There’s definitely some things up for consideration when planning on purchasing a brand new shop vac and the key one is this – How will you use it? If you’re planning on mostly using it around your home, perhaps for smaller sized spills or the occasional cup shatter – a smaller model should be fine.

Lady Vacuuming Wet Dry Vac

The ones i’m referring to usually have a capacity of one to four gallons and will be a lot morequiet than the larger models, but, obviously, a lot less powerful too, and won’t have the necessary capacity for larger clean ups or regular ones, the ones you might have if you work in a shop every day or live in a house with multiple children, unless you want to have to constantly keep emptying you container.

The motor power should be around one to four H.P (horsepower) as well. But if it’s just regular, relatively small house work you’re looking to do, this might be the vacuum you’re looking for.

Medium Vacs

If you’re gonna be using your Shop vacuum more often (in a home workshop for example, or a working garage) you might want to consider at least a medium sized vac capable of handling messes of larger platitude without having to constantly empty the tank, along with a more powerful suction capable of sucking up anything in it’s way.

A mid sized shop vac should have between Five and Twenty Gallons of storage along with a motor of at least four to five h.p (horsepower)

Large Vacs

If you’re gonna be doing industrial clean up, large scale jobs or any other similar type of heavy duty work the largest models are definitely the ones you wanna be looking at. These should be capable of holding anywhere between 15 up to 25 gallons along with a HP of around 6 or so. These bad boys will be capable of picking up anything that can fit through the pipe and roar like a lion (they’re very loud) so keep some earplugs nearby in case you need them.


Choosing a wet dry vac isn’t a difficult task, but choosing the right one for you might be. The things to always keep in the back of your head are the size, reach, utility, versatility, tank capacity, accessories and more, for which to find out more about we recommend checking out our other articles.

We hope this quick shop vac buying guide helps set you on the right path to getting the device best suited for your needs. As always thanks a lot for reading, we appreciate every second of our readers time because we fully understand how valuable it is. We know that you understand this as well, since you’re starting to read about wet dry vacs, an innovation designed to save people their trouble and time.

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