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Best Compact Wet Dry VacA persons imagination when hearing the word wet dry vac often leads to images of large, bulky, loud machines that you’d most likely see in a workshop, industrial grounds or construction site, but this article is here to present the best compact wet dry vac – prioritising portability and compactness over the traditional tank-like builds of the regular wet dry vac. There’s more of these on the market than one might think and we’re gonna show you our top picks to make your life a little easier.

Even though this is quite obvious we’ll state that when you decrease the size of a wet dry vac you’re gonna be sacrificing capacity and power, in most cases at least, but they can obviously still be extremely useful in situations like your son or daughter spilling their cereal or perhaps when you’d like to clean your car. It’s not a shabby idea to have one of these laying around in your car since it’s great to clean up fluids before they seep in or any mess before they spread themselves across your whole car.

The Best Compact Wet Dry Vac Of 2020

5. Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry Vac, AA255

Weighing only about 7 pounds this wet dry vac isn’t EXTREMELY easy to carry but it’s definitely not difficult either. The strong handle is great for having a strong secure grip and the vac comes with a 10 feet long cord which should be more than you’ll be ever needing most likely. It comes with multiple accessories to make your cleaning jobs more pleasant and easier to do. Though it’s a shame an extebsion tube’s not present there’s accessories like the crevice tool, flexible tube and soft brush.

If you don’t want to spend your hard earned money at the car wash then you can take care of it yourself at home with this armor all compact wet dry vac. Just press the power button and you’re ready to start.

4.BLACK+DECKER CWV9610 Wet Dry Vac

Due to the fast charging of this unit you’ll find that pretty much whenever Lady Vacuuming Compact Wet Dry Vacyou’ll need it, it’s gonna be there to have your back like a trusty sidekick. It contains a 9.6 Volt battery that should be done charging from 0 to 100 in less than 10 hours. The huge benefit of this exact model is that instead of having to carefully orchestrate your movements around the unpredictable tumbling of the cord, this model is cordless and you can move freely, able to access any spot that you can actually reach yourself.

It weighs a miniscule 1.4 lbs, making it a truly compact wet dry vac, since you could probably walk with this thing in your hand all day and not even feel it. The handle has a comfortable ergonomic design that makes it a joy to hold and it comes with a charging station that you can mount on a wall and a light will indicate when it’s done charging.

3.Shop Vac 2021000 Micro Compact Wet Dry Vac

Wonderful for cleaning a home, garage or car – with a 1 h.p motor present this unit is capable of creating around 45 air watts of suction strength. Though not the longest the vac does come wit ha 6 foot long power cord, which does give you a solid work radius, but some people do complain that this is not enough for them.

A hinged handle makes transporting the vac a breeze and because it weighs only 5lb it should not be too big of a problem to tote it around. If you purchase this model it comes with two different wall mounts, one for the crevice tool and wide gulper nozzle and the other for the wet dry vac itself.

2. Homasy Cordless Handheld Wet Dry Vac

Not only beautiful in design, but also impressive in its power. This compact Best Compact Wet Dry Vacwet dry vac has a stunning silver body complimented by a translucent grey dirt cup. Hiding in the insides of this vac is a 90-watt motor capable of 6 kilopascals of suctioning power – at your disposal at a single slide of a power switch.

The handle – specifically designed to be easy and comfortable on the users hands. You can get an insertable rubber jar for the wet messes you might stumble across in your day to day life and a brush tool + crevice tool both come with the vac, which is always nice to see.

1.Black+Decker HWVI225J01 Vac

An irreplaceable helper one you’ve got him – The Black+Decker HWVI225J01 Compact Vac has an impressive suction strength of 14 air watts and a power switch which doesn’t require you to hold it down while in use (experienced dusbuster users will especially appreciate this).

The looped handle is made for comfort and the device weighs in at just under two pounds, making it almost laughably light. The exact weight is 1.92 pounds. The aesthetic teal blue, with grey accents covering the body of the compact vac makes it an extra appeling addition to your home.

The wet capacity is 6 and the dry capacity is 23.7 ounces, which means you won’t have to be frequently emptying the cup of this unless you’ll be cleaning up huge spaces, in which case you should be checking out THIS ARTICLE instead. The nozzle is big and wide, making it good at making quick work of a bigger spill or mess in general + it comes with a squeegee.
The filter is reusable and washable as well, as they should be, which should save you a lot of money if you’re used to always replacing your filters.


We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best compact wet dry vacs and our top pick ended up being the Black+Decker HWVI225J01 Wet Dry Compact Vac for its overall fantastic design, great suction power, beautiful aesthetics and reusable, washable filter, on top of other things of course.

Woman Vacuuming Vac CleaningIn the case that these vacuums weren’t exactly what you were looking for, (the capacity being too small to be specific) please scroll down and you’ll find recommended articles that might point you towards what you had in mind. Please remember to keep in mind how you’re planning to use the vac and to carefully look over all its features and consider what exactly it is you’re looking for before you make a quick purchase that you regret.


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