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Wet dry vacs come in all shapes and sizes, believe it or not. We know that for most people the image of a wet dry vac is a ssociated with a huge, loud trash can that sucks up anything in its way, which is essentially what it actually is. It may come as a surprise to some that is doesn’t have to be this way and you can get a medium one for keeping just in you small workshop or, as the title of this article suggests, a mini wet dry vac for keeping around your kitchen or car for convenience.

This can be useful for many reasons, for example if you’ve only got a regular vacuum, but you don’t feel like buying a large, clunky one because of reasons like the noise or perhaps just how huge they can be, or maybe you’ve just now got a use for a large one, but want a mini one so you can take care of quick spills or a broken plate, and maby detail your car every now and then.

The Best Mini Wet Dry Vac Of 2020

5.Holife (Upgraded) 7kpa Wet Dry Mini Vac

Before this model, Holife already had a successful mini vacuum and this is the improved version. And let me say, they weren’t kidding when they say Best Mini Wet Dry Vacthey upgraded it. They added another 2 kilopascals on to the already present suction power of 5, which in total adds up to a total of 7 kilopascals, a noteworthy amount of strength for a relatively small device. With the fantastic addition of a rubber jar it’s now possible to vacuum up to 100ml of spills, allowing the user to quickly suction any small spills with ease.

The motor of this vac operates using cyclonic suction, saparating fine dust from larger pieces of debris and particles. Comin with two reusable filters it will likely take a long time before you have to take a trip to the department store to get yourself a new pair of filters.

4. Homasy Cordless Mini Wet Dry Vac

This vacuum is proud not only because of its elegant design but also because of its power. The outer body of the unit is covered in a beautiful silver colour and comes with a rain cloud resembling translucent grey dirt cup. The motor that lies inside this model of a vacuum has 90 watts of power, capable of creating 6 kilopascals of suction strength. The power is operated with the use of a simple slideable power switch.

An ergonomically designed handle to ensure a comfortable and secure grip is present so the user can work with ease. For the accessories the buyer gets a crevice tool and a brush tool which many will surely appreciate as well as the rubber jar for all types of wet work like a spill of cereal.

3. Shop-Vac 2021000 Micro Portable Mini Wet Dry Vac

This Mini Wet Dry vacuum is wonderful for cleaning up your car, garage and even home. The motor has a horsepower of one and it’s capable of creating around 45 watts of vacuuming strength. A simple on off switch makes sure that even your grandma will have no problem operating this tool and the 6 foot long power cord makes sure to give you a decent working radius.

On top of the vacuum is a hinged handle designed to make your work of carrying the vacuum with you a lot easier than it otherwise could have been and since the machine weighs in at about 5 pounds while it’s definitely not anywhere near the lightest on this list it shouldn’t be a problem for most people. This Vac comes with two different mounts placeable on the wall – one for the vacuum and the other one for the crevice tool and wide gulping nozzle.

2. Black+Decker CWV9610 Cordless Handheld Wet Dry Vacuum

Containing a 9.6 Volt battery that charges in up to 10 hours this mini wet dry vac charges quite fast and will be always ready to go whenever you need to Best Small Wet Dry Vaccall upon it for help. What’s great about this model is that it’s as the name suggests – cordless, so you won’t have to carefully calculate every step because you’re either always stepping over the cord or you’re just at the end of its reach so you have to be extra careful not to rip it out or worse, break it.

This vacuum weighs 1.4 pounds. Yeah, seriously. This is so light that some toddlers could even work with this thing, so you should be able to strut around with this bad boy all daiy without even noticing any type of fatigue building up in your hand. The handle is nicely shaped, making hte holding of the already light device even easier. The unit is cleverly designed in a way that if you need to set it down for whatever reason you can do so easily by just putting it down in an upright position like a cup or bottle.

1.Black+Decker HWVI225J01 Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum

This model, while a tiny bit heavier than the unit mentioned before it is still extremely light weighing in at just under two pounds or 1.92 to be exact. This Vacuum is maby the definition of a ”handy helper”.
Pridefully gloating a suction power of 14 air watts and a power switch that’s just that – a switch that turns on the power instead of forcing the user to hold down the power button until their thumn hurts.

Another factor as to why this device is so desirable among many is the beautifull teal blue colouring of the devices body along with the clever and stunning grey accents, making the device an aesthetically pleasing addon to your arsenal of tools. The Wet capacity is 6 and the dry capacity is 23.7 ounces, so compared to some other models on the list you won’t have to empty the tank anywhere near as often. This Vacs nozzle is large and powerful, making it great for making quick work of larger messes + there’s a squeegee accessory for all those spills.


We’ve presented five wonderful options for all the people out there lookingWoman Vacuuming Wet Dry Vac Cleaning for a Mini Wet Dry Vac and now it’s up to you, our reader, to choose. After looking at all the features, pros and cons of each and every device we’ve decided to place the Black+Decker HWVI225J01 in our number one position because in our eyes it will satisfy what most people might be looking for when considering the criteria for the Best Mini Wet Dry Vac Of 2020.

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