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Can I Vacuum Bugs And Can They Escape?

Is it possible for insects like flies, spiders, cockroaches and scorpions to crawl their way back out of your vacuum cleaner? Should you even vacuum them? Can I Vacuum Bugs and Will They Escape?

Nobody likes insects in their homes, and a vacuum cleaner’s not the best solution. Let’s get into it shall we?

Can Bugs get out of a vacuum cleaner?

The quick answer is YES, spiders, flies, fleas, scorpions, roaches and so on usually don’t die just from you vacuuming them. Since they don’t pass away and the vacuum cleaners doesn’t necessarily have anything in place to stop them from doing so, most critters will easily escape back into the freedom of your home. Not the best thought in the world, i know.

If and when you vacuum a bug it’s best to get it out of your house straight away and empty the canister in a trash bag, If you’re really mad at bugs you can take revenge by leaving the bag in the sun to roast the bug in the sunlight, though that seems a little cruel. Most will probably just throw the bag in the trash and be finished with it.

Remember when you vacuum a roach, you’re pretty much vacuuming Roach On Leaf - Vacuum Bugshim into paradise. Funny, i know. They will almost definitely survive because of their sturdy, near invincible nature (able to survive nuclear explosions and all that) and you’re shooting then straight into a food filled roach resort.

That’s why it’s especially important to empty the canister as soon as you’re finished and dump everything in a trash bag. Preferably in a dumpster outside of your house.


What Type Of Vacuum Should i use?

The best vacuum for the job is gonna have to be a wet dry shop vac with a HEPA filter attached.

You can put some baking soda in the bucket of the shop vac if you like, because it does a good job of killing and drying out bugs when it’s powered on.

The HEPA filter is there to not let tiny parts of the insects who might carry nasty diseases back into the air and on to the floors of your house.

The main reason to use a shop vac and not a regular household one is that baking soda is bad for your regular vacuum, about which you can read more about here….
If you’re not gonna be using baking soda to kill the insects then you can go ahead and use your normal vacuum, just as long as it has a HEPA filter as well. The filter’s many times more important if you or anyone from your family suffers from allergies or asthma, since the tiny bug parts can make that even worse.

Here’s A Cool Video On How To Modify A Vacuum To Remove Bed Bugs By A University Professor:


What’s the best solution?

Bug and roach spray of course.(Amazon Link Ad)
This is the number one answer to your bug/insect problems. If you’re a clean person like me you’ll go and spray it around the entire house, in which case the only bugs you should be finding are dead ones.

After you find their corpse you can proudly vacuum them up and be done with it. If you’re extra lazy you can even let your robot vacuum do the job, if you own one of course.

Even better, you can call an exterminator. Killing these shameless intruders is their job and if you get a good one he’ll know what he’s doing damn well and you shouldn’t be having any bug problems after they’re done with your home. Though, if your current economic state doesn’t quite allow for such splurging i definitely recommend getting the bug spray and honing your own extermination skills.

If you have pets or kids we recommend calling up the exterminator though, since nothing’s more valuable than the well being of the ones you love. A pro will always set you up with what’s best for your family and you.


The Beater brush of a Vacuum.
This is the rotating brush which can injure and kill all types of insects. The hard part is catching them, since most bugs are quick and will do anything in their power to survive. They’ll be quick, and running after them with a vacuuming can get tiring, and even silly.

If you own a beater brush feel free to launch an attack on your intruders, just remember it’s even nicer when there’s no intruders at all and that’s what the bug spray’s for.

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